The Friends and Family Test Results

The Friends and Family test is a questionnaire asking Patients if they would recommend our services / Practice to other people, please see the results below.

Extremely Likely Likely Neither Likely Nor Unlikely Unlikely Extremely Unlikely Don’t Know
26 3 2 1 3 1

“You said, we did”

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT), was created to help service providers and commissioners understand whether their patients were happy with the service they had provided, or where improvements were necessary. This is a quick and anonymous way to give your views after receiving care or treatment across the NHS.

Our practice has recently received a lot of positive and constructive feedback which we would like to share with our patients. As a team we continuously identify where we could improve our services or learn by your feedback and each Friday the team will read all that week’s comments out for all staff to discuss, as well as put into place any necessary processes.

The most common constructive feedback has been in regards to our telephone lines, this being; the phones were constantly engaged and patients were trying numerous times to get through to the practice. As a result of this feedback, the Trust has invested in a call queuing system. This allows patients to wait on the telephone lines and informs them of the position they are in the queue. This will ensure that our patients fully understand the volume of calls and will allow the practice to monitor telephone activity.

The practice is incredibly busy and we ask for your patience as we deal with over 250 calls each day, we are committed to further improving this service and will keep you updated on our progress.

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